"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them." Matthew 18:20

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The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost | August 20, 2017

8/2017 The Eleventh Sunday after PentecostThe Rev. Dr. Rhonda M. Lee
8/2017 The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost: Enough is enough!Father Todd R. Dill
8/2017 The Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ: Are you spiritually awake?Father Todd R. Dill
7/2017 The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost: Lighten your burden!Father Todd R. Dill
6/2017 The Third Sunday after Pentecost: What does a life of obedience to Jesus Christ look like?Deacon Susie Bruno
6/2017 The Second Sunday after Pentecost: be the arms & hands of JesusFather Lito Santos
6/2017 The First Sunday after Pentecost: Trinity SundayFather Todd R. Dill
6/2017 The Day of Pentecost: Not just a day...a movement. Father Todd R. Dill
5/2017 The Seventh Sunday of Easter: The Sunday after Ascension Day: Be distinct witnesses of Jesus!Father Lito Santos
5/2017 The Sixth Sunday of Easter: Created to be in relationshipFather Todd Dill
5/2017 The Sixth Sunday of Easter: Let not your hearts be troubledDeacon Susie Bruno
5/2017 The Fourth Sunday of Easter: Rest Well!Father Todd R. Dill
4/2017 The Third Sunday of Easter: Hello...do you believe in Easter?
4/2017 The Sunday of the Resurrection: EASTER DAYFather Todd R. Dill
4/2017 The last Sunday in Lent: where do you think I was?Deacon Susie Bruno
3/2017 The Fourth Sunday of Lent: Fight the works of darkness with the LIGHT of Christ!Father Todd R. Dill
3/2017 The Third Sunday in Lent: Come to HIS well of life to quench your thirstFather Todd Dill
3/2017 The Second Sunday inLent: Connect the dotsFather Lito Santos
3/2017 The First Sunday in Lent: Unified does not mean 100% agreementFather Todd R. Dill
2/2017 The Last Sunday after the Epiphany: Bitty & Beau's Coffee Shop has the same mission statement as Jesus!Father Todd R. Dill
2/2017 The Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany: respond with love, generosity & forgivenessFather Lito Santos
2/2017 The Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany: Have a higher standard for ourselves...that frees us!Father Todd R. Dill
1/2017 The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany: BLESS SOMEBODY IN YOUR LIFE THIS WEEK!Father Todd R. Dill
1/2017 The Third Sunday after the Epiphany: REPENT! FOLLOW ME!Father Lito Santos
1/2017 The Second Sunday after the Epiphany: Go Follow HIM like Andrew did!Father Todd R. Dill
1/2017 The First Sunday after the Epiphany (9:00 service)Epiphany Pageant participants
1/2017 The Feast of the Holy Name: JESUS...the most important name ever given!!!Father Todd R. Dill