Pastoral Care

Jesus commands us to love one another as He loved us. All of us go through times that are difficult, and sometimes those moments are too painful for us to go through alone. At Saint Margaret’s, the wonderful reality of the Good News of Christ is that you never have to go through any troubling times by yourself. Whether it is stress at work, pain in a relationship, an issue of addiction, illness, or loss of a loved one, we are here to help.

At Saint Margaret’s, all of God’s people are important. Children and adults alike have equal access to the clergy, for any and all emergencies. It may be just to sit and talk, someone to listen to you, or counseling may be required. Know that we are there for you. Our clergy are regularly in hospitals, visiting with parishioners, blessing new babies, praying before surgery, or bringing communion to those in need. Please know that your needs are important to us!

Talk To Us

If you find yourself in need, please contact the church office at 704.243.3523,
or reach out to a member of our staff directly.

Contact information can be found here.
Our Rector’s contact information is below.

Father Todd
Father Todd

Prayer Requests

Saint Margaret’s is a house built on prayer. It is through prayer that we center our lives on the Divine, and work to be in continual conversation with God our Father and our Provider. In prayer, we lift our very hearts to God, offering ourselves, our souls, and our bodies to His use and His purposes.

If you have any needs, please let us know. We want to pray for you. Your needs are important to us, and be assured that they are important to God. At Saint Margaret’s, we place our entire trust in the Risen Lord. Prayer is where that begins.

Prayer requests are prayed for by our clergy, Daughters of the King, and Prayer Intercessors.