October 2017 Newsletter

Oct 10,2017

The leaves were just beginning to turn, as 38 Women of St. Margaret’s gathered together at the Blowing Rock Conference Center, Sept. 22-24.   Led by guest speaker and Life Coach, Nicole...

September 2017 Newsletter

Sep 11,2017

Did you know about Buy your Priest a beer day? Due to an overwhelming response via Social Media and a calendar note in our bulletin, about 75 parishioners met up with Father Todd at Dream Chasers B...

August 2017 Newsletter

Aug 04,2017

Believe it or not, it is almost time for us to resume our fall worship schedule.  Our three service schedule returns on August 27th, and fall formation classes for children, youth, and adults beg...

July 2017 Newsletter

Jul 31,2017

I for one am so thankful for the gift of this country, and for the chance that I have every day to follow Jesus.  May that gift be given freely to every dear soul who walks this earth.  ...

June 2017 Newsletter

Jun 06,2017

Our Second Annual Parish/Community Day of Service was held on May 6th and brought out 83 parishioners (including 30 kids) to work in different locations throughout the community to live out our motto...

May 2017 Newsletter

May 04,2017

Our VBS program planned for this summer is Maker Fun Factory...and it brings together nearly all of our Christian education endeavors into one week.  Children, youth, and adults alike can find a...

April 2017 Newsletter

Apr 01,2017

Easter Day is almost here.  It is one of the most glorious days of the church year, and the pews will be filled and the energy of the celebration after 40 days of Lent will be very palpable.&nbsp...

March 2017 Newsletter

Feb 28,2017

During this Holy season of Lent let us make a personal commitment to devote a portion of our day to pray for a specific need or a particular person trusting in the power of God’s grace and bless...

February 2017 Newsletter

Feb 07,2017

This spring, youth are invited and encouraged to participate in an assortment of service projects during Lent. The projects have been selected for youth to engage with organizations that serve a varie...

January 2017 Newsletter

Jan 09,2017

It is time for all of us to look at our lives and shed superfluous talk and idle visits.  Jesus regularly separated Himself from the hectic schedule of His day so that He could pray.  If it...

December 2016 Newsletter

Dec 01,2016

.... but with these comes a reflection of Christmas and the desire every year to slow down and contemplate how I’m practicing its true meaning. We are celebrating the moment a light began t...

November 2016 Newsletter

Nov 07,2016

The St. Margaret’s EYC had a wonderfully busy October! We had a variety of youth offerings four of five weekends and had over 40 youth participate in those activities.  

October 2016 Newsletter

Oct 07,2016

Thanks to Fr. Todd and his appreciation for the ministry of CCI, Maverick will accompany me to church during my office hours on Tuesdays and perhaps some Thursdays and, as he matures and when appropri...

September 2016 Newsletter

Sep 02,2016

We need to be very careful in assuming that our own personal experience is the exact same experience that everyone else is having.  We need to acknowledge in all that we do that we just may not h...

August 2016 Newsletter

Aug 04,2016

We have talked for years about needing more space.  We have had countless conversations discussing the need to make room for more people.  We have developed a master plan for the campus.&nbs...

July 2016 Newsletter

Jul 01,2016

"...what Jesus is really saying is this; that everyone who is not you is your neighbor.  Go, and love them."  ...

June 2016 Newsletter

Jun 01,2016

Kudos to Traci Scott and Penny Feldser for starting a new tradition at St Margaret’s - Parish Day of Service! We had a great turnout, representing all ages. What a good way for families to...

May 2016 Newsletter

May 02,2016

"...for the last several weeks, when I go out to these places and have my coffee, and when I sit to catch up on email, or read, or to study, I put out a simple sign that says "Free Prayer." At firs...

April 2016 Newsletter

Apr 01,2016

"Saint Margaret’s is our home – it is a place where we gather to pray, grow and join one anoth-er regularly to be fed and nourished at the Table of the Lord. It is a place where we continue to find ou...

March 2016 Newsletter

Mar 01,2016

“...she was a disciple of Jesus.  And while we mourn her loss, we also rejoice that she now resides with God; fully perfected and at perfect peace.  While our community suffers a dee...

February 2016 Newsletter

Feb 01,2016

2016 marks the 6th year of publishing our very own Lenten meditation booklet right here under the St. Margaret’s roof.  With the vision, wisdom and encouragement of Deacon Susie Bruno, th...

January 2016 Newsletter

Jan 01,2016

“It is not about us, nor our feelings, nor our emotional needs.  We come together to worship God in order to know who He is and to know His Son Jesus.”